Mike Visits Renewable Energy Business


Mike at the Portslade branch of Plumbing Trade Supplies.

Encouraging the uptake of renewable energy technology to help constituents slash fuel bills – and boost the heating industry – was the focus of Mike’s visit.

Mike visited the Portslade branch of Plumbing Trade Supplies (PTS), one of the UK’s largest plumbing and heating merchants. He visited trade counters to see low-to-zero carbon solutions aimed at helping voters take carbon out of buildings.

During the day, Mike learned about everyday trade essentials and home improvement sales and the outlook for PTS’s main markets. He also heard how the supply chain is responding to the current economic difficulties and saw many of the renewable energy products on the market.

Mike said, “I am delighted with the chance to visit this thriving branch of PTS in my constituency. Not only are they managing to survive in a tough economic climate, but they show that ‘going green’ is not only good for our environment, but can also be good for our economy as well.

We need to explain and persuade our constituents to carry out energy-saving work. With ever-increasing demand for electricity and other forms of energy, efforts on conservation and efficiency to combat fluctuating temperatures – and save money on bills – are incontrovertible.”