Mike Talks Politics with Indian School Kids

Mike, Westminster.

School kids, India.

Mike was asked questions over the internet this week by a group of Indian school children.

The group of 13-14 year olds were from Excel Central School and Excel Global school, a combined educational institution in the small southern town of Thiruvattar in India with over 1,300 pupils. The Skype call was arranged by Harriet Ellison who is now volunteering in India following an internship in Mike’s office.

The young students called Mike “the Minister from England” and asked him a number of questions on a range of topics. The students were interested in comparing India’s political system with the British system and asked about the respective roles of the Queen and Prime Minister. One student asked Mike to describe how the UK copes without a written constitution. Others asked about global issues such as the UK’s contribution to education in developing countries and how the Government is planning to tackle global warming.

Mike agreed with the students that the global reach of the English language is promoted mainly by American music and films, and then proceeded to tell them about his favourite rock bands. Mike encouraged the students to invite their own local politicians to visit them and he offered one student who wishes to go into politics an internship in his House of Commons office.

Mike said: “It was a delight to speak with such a polite, intelligent and fun group of children. Their level of comprehension of the British system of politics was astounding. Any one of them could be a future Prime Minister.”