Are Drug Deaths Avoidable? – Mike Announces 30th September Drug Conference

Mike Weatherley, the Member of Parliament for Hove and Portslade, and member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Drug Reform, is holding a day-long drugs conference on the future of Britain’s approach to drug laws.

The Brighton & Hove coroner reported the highest proportion of deaths in the country, bestowing the title of Drug Death capital of the UK on the city. Mike will be bringing together drugs experts (local and from around the country) and members of the public to discuss several key drug-related issues including criminalisation; legalisation; medicinalisation; treatment; social inequality and homelessness.

The day will revolve around four debates:

1. Social inequality, social exclusion, and poverty
2. Health issues, Interventions and treatment
3. Education about harms, and removing the stigma from former drug users and their families
4. Drug Strategy

Commenting, Mike said: “Hove and Portslade have a very high number of drug related deaths and this situation isn’t going away. I want an open and frank discussion with residents and experts to explore new approaches. The status quo clearly isn’t working.”

The conference will be held on Friday 30th September at Hove Town Hall. Further details will be released soon.