Mike Calls for Caution over UK’s Nuclear Ambition

Mike has spoken out against the Government’s plan to expand Britain’s nuclear power facilities.

A vocal opponent of nuclear power, Mike urged the Government to be cautious with its Nuclear Programme and give thorough consideration to all of the alternatives first. Drawing upon his experience of visiting the site of the Chernobyl disaster, Mike highlighted his three main concerns surrounding nuclear power: Government subsidies; the problems of nuclear waste, and human as well as animal safety.

In his speech on Monday in the House of Commons, Mike said: “The Chernobyl disaster, twenty five years ago in 1986, hit home to most of the world that nuclear power is phenomenally dangerous – and not just in the immediate vicinity of the disaster, but across a wide – European-sized – area. It is well documented that radioactive caesium was detected in a number of upland areas in the UK.”

For the full text of Mike’s speech, click here.