Mike Urges Rethink on Green Party’s Lackadaisical Traveller Free-For-All

Mike has condemned the free-for-all that has ensued in Brighton & Hove as a result of the lackadaisical policies of Caroline Lucas MP and the local Green Administration with respect to travellers.

The latest incident has resulted dozens of messages being sent to Mike from Hangleton residents asking for his assistance to tackling the anti-social behaviour of travellers that have occupied Greenleas Park. Shouting, intimidating behaviour, violence, loud music and litter have all been reported. Mike is particularly angry that a much loved community park is being denied to children at the start of the summer holidays.

Mike said: “When Caroline supports measures in Parliament which condemn the eviction of travellers from illegal encampments, her constituents and mine have to deal with the consequences. We have seen it in Withdean Park, 19 Acres, Waterhall, Wild Park and Victoria Park to name a few. Now residents surrounding Greenleas Park and children who are supposed to be enjoying their summer holidays there are acutely aware of the reality of such a brazen stance.”

Commenting further, Mike said: “I want to praise the hard work of my Hangleton colleagues Cllr Dawn Barnett and Cllr Tony Janio in dealing with this issue. I have been contacted by a number of distressed residents about the nightmare that they are facing as a result of the makeshift camp. I understand that discussions are underway to remove the group and I will be meeting with residents shortly to do what I can to assist with the clean-up.”