Mike to Visit Latest Group of Residents to Lose Park to Travellers

Mike is to visit distressed residents who live in the area surrounding Greenleas Park in Hangleton on Wednesday to witness the disruption that travellers are causing following the Green Party’s announcements on the subject of welcoming travellers to the city.

Following an invasion of travellers just before the weekend, Greenleas Park has been transformed from a tranquil oasis for local children, families and dog walkers into a living nightmare. The Green Administration must take responsibility for the rising incidence of travellers across Brighton & Hove.

Commenting, Mike said: “Residents have had enough. I have had enough and Cllr Dawn Barnett and Cllr Tony Janio have had enough. Yet sadly travellers keep making local people’s lives a misery. I will be raising this issue in Parliament and having serious discussions with the police.”

Mike added: “The police have the power to remove travellers in exceptional circumstances, but a decision was taken not to in this instance. With the troubles that Brighton & Hove is having right now, I dread to think what ‘exceptional circumstances’ actually entail. How much damage needs to be done before action is taken?”