Travellers Must Stop Destruction of Park, Hove MP Tells Scared and Angry Residents

Mike visited concerned residents of the Greenleas Park area in Hangleton on Wednesday to witness the nightmare that travellers are causing in the usually quiet suburban area.

Around 50 residents, amid a large police presence, met with Mike to vent their frustration with the encampment. The Green Administration’s inaction was evident, with travellers scattered across the park. Concerned parents said how they were scared to let their children out in the area and others were angry at how a community space could be illegally conquered with no apparent consequences.

Commenting, Mike said: “I fully sympathise with residents and I am just as angry as they are about this unacceptable situation. Even when the last caravan is eventually escorted out of the park, residents will still be feeling vulnerable in the knowledge that it can be invaded again at a moment’s notice. I will be raising this issue at the highest levels – whilst reassuring residents that I am as angry as they are that my hands are tied by Caroline Lucas and her Green colleagues.”