Daniel Hannan MEP Condemns Brighton & Hove Council Tax Rise

Weatherley, Hannan and Cox

Mike Weatherley, the Member of Parliament for Hove and Portslade, along with Daniel Hannan MEP and Westbourne by-election candidate Graham Cox, have been discussing with residents on the streets of Westbourne the Green administration’s regressive council tax rise.

Councils across the country that wish to raise Council Tax above 3.5% must put the decision to residents in a referendum. Whilst the Green-led Council in Brighton & Hove is the only council in the country to propose a 3.5% rise and refuse the Government’s £3 million payment, it has also expressed desire to raise taxes further. The Argus recently ran a council tax referendum which Daniel said “brilliantly highlighted the unpopularity of this policy”.

Commenting, Daniel said: “Residents are overwhelmingly against the Greens’ council tax rise. Raising taxes like this is wasteful, irresponsible and evidently not welcome. The Argus referendum has brilliantly highlighted the unpopularity of this policy. I am confident that the residents of Westbourne will voice their objections at the ballot box on Thursday 22nd December.”