Latest Green U-Turn is an Embarrassing Admission of Failure

Victoria Gardens camp

Mike has spoken out at the Green administration’s awkward u-turn in policy over allowing campers in Brighton & Hove’s  parks, following an assault on a fire-fighter and an expensive clean-up operation.

Brighton’s untidiness made national news when campers, encouraged by the Green Party, took over the Victoria Gardens in the city centre several months ago. The camp resembled a huge derelict tip when it was destroyed by a storm earlier this week. The abandonment meant that the wreckage had to be cleared up but the Greens chose to fund the clean-up operation using taxpayers’ money, rather than their own party funds.

Unlike the Greens, Mike has consistently and repeatedly called on the campers to leave, stating that long-term camping in public spaces as a form of protest is unacceptable. The Green Party has used the camp as a mouth-piece for their own protests so should, quite rightly, pay for its removal.

Commenting, Mike said: “The Greens’ latest u-turn is an embarrassing reminder that their policies are flawed. They claimed that camps were safe and now a fire-fighter has been assaulted. They claimed that the disgusting mess didn’t affect anybody and council taxpayers have now had to pay for the clean-up. I’m watching these Greens closely and will continue to let my constituents know every time we all get ripped off. Green waste is once again highly toxic.”