‘Top Green Swaps Team’ Welcomed by Mike

Mike has welcomed the defection of the Green Leader of Norfolk County Council.

Cllr Philip Hardy, leader of the Greens in Norfolk County Council, has defected to the Conservative Party. Cllr Hardy has said that he shares the Conservatives’ vision for a modernised NHS, was inspired by the international community’s intervention in Libya, and strongly supports the need for a credible deficit reduction.

Commenting, Mike said: “This defection highlights the lack of vision held by the Green Party. Since the Green administration took control in Brighton & Hove, residents are slowly coming to realise that they have not got what bargained for. An influx of travellers, parking charges to be doubled, campers setting up in public spaces and putting squatters’ rights before home owners are just a highlight of the Green smudge. I welcome Cllr Hardy’s defection and, unsurprisingly, have already spoken to residents in Hove and Portslade who feel the same way. ”