Shameful Green Games Are Latest Nail in Standards Board Coffin

Mike has called for the flawed standards committee of Brighton & Hove City Council to be abolished following the overtly partisan nature of its investigations.

Following a recent Green-led ‘investigation’ into the conduct of Cllr Dawn Barnett who protested about travellers who were carrying out illegal acts in her Hangleton & Knoll Ward, the committee ruled that no sanctions should be imposed. The hearing was packed with supporters of Cllr Barnett and many other residents have made their concerns known to Mike that the whole process was a waste of time. It took over five months to conclude and was a complete waste of tax payers’ money.

Commenting, Mike said: “Once again the Greens have wasted huge amounts of public money, this time on a witch-hunt on a dedicated and beloved Conservative councillor. Dawn has a huge amount of support from residents and has been doing her best fight the oppressive Green administration. Many people were becoming increasingly concerned that the Greens were tacitly supporting travellers over the interests of local residents. Dawn simply campaigned for our playing fields to be used for their intended purpose. I supported her from the beginning and have no time whatsoever for the findings of this unwanted organisation. The whole process has been a farce from start to finish and it just goes to show why the committee should be abolished.”