Cox Victory is the Beginning of Green Demise

Mike has congratulated Cllr Graham Cox on his election in the Westbourne by-election to Brighton & Hove City Council.

In what was considered to be a tight three-way marginal, Graham Cox received 1,027 votes, Labour 826 votes and the Greens, in what must be an uncomfortable third place, just 645 votes. This is an excellent result for the Conservative Party in the city.

Commenting, Mike said: “Graham Cox makes a fantastic addition to the Conservative group on Brighton & Hove City Council. Our team ran an energetic campaign and the result for the residents is a true community champion as a representative on the council. Well done Graham. I wish you the best of luck representing the residents of Westbourne.”

He added: “These results also highlight how the Green Party has been rejected by the overwhelming majority of residents. It’s not surprising though given their record since taking control of the council. This by-election has been an embarrassing barometer of their lack of appeal following a policy smudge.”