Coastal Communities Fund Prospectus Launch Welcomed by Mike

Mike has welcomed the Coastal Communities Fund Prospectus launch by the Department of Communities & Local Government.

The new fund underlines the Government’s commitment to support coastal towns now and in the future so that they can benefit from growth in the marine revenues of the Crown Estate as it further develops its coastal and off-shore resources. The prospectus gives details of the aims/objectives, eligibility criteria and bidding/approval process.

The prospectus also details the design and delivery arrangements for the new Coastal Communities Fund. The prospectus for the Fund, which comes into operation on 1st April, may be downloaded here:

Commenting, Mike said: “This is welcome news for our city. I hope that a range of organisations from Hove and Portslade will take full advantage of this fund and submit a number of high quality bids. I am keen to back any local application that is made.”