Mike Impressed by Local Support for Public Meeting on Travellers

Mike has been delighted by the level of support that he has received from residents for his decision to hold a public meeting on Green plans to build a second traveller site on the South Downs National Park.

Mike has highlighted Green claims that the construction of yet another publicly-funded traveller site would stop park invasions – yet the opposite was true just this week when Greenleas Park in Hangleton was taken over when there were spaces in the city’s current site. Rather than make use of the facility, travellers chose to pitch up for free, and were seemingly welcomed by police who chose not to use their powers to move them on.

The meeting is to be held on Friday 13th April at 6-8pm at Patcham Community Centre, Ladies Mile Road, Brighton, BN1 8TA. Any resident who has concerns about the Green Party’s soft stance on the illegal invasion of our parks by travellers is encouraged to attend.

Commenting, Mike said: “While this is undoubtedly a sensitive issue, it must be the case that the opinions of residents are heard. Members of both the Green and Labour parties have once again tried to smear this issue as one of local residents being racist. This couldn’t be further from the truth and I am appalled that they are trying to derail this event in such an immature manner. I look forward to openly discussing with residents the issues surrounding yet another publicly-funded traveller site.”