EDO Protest is a National Disgrace

Mike has condemned the ‘Smash EDO’ protest that organisers plan to hold over the Queen’s Jubilee weekend.

Mike is furious that ‘Smash EDO’, which is backed by top members of the Green Party, are attempting to disrupt the national celebrations and cause chaos to the residents of Brighton & Hove. Businesses across the city are fed up with protests like this scaring away shoppers on potentially very busy days for trade. A number of business owners have contacted Mike to voice their concerns amidst the current difficult economic climate.

Commenting, Mike said: “It’s disgraceful that as the nation is celebrating the Queen’s diamond jubilee, a group of misguided radicals wish to disrupt the day for everyone else. These selfish individuals need to open their eyes and watch for the annoyance that their protests are causing the residents and businesses of our city.”