Park the Charges Campaign Supported by Mike

Mike has announced his backing of the latest innovative campaign from The Argus – Park the Charges – which calls on Brighton & Hove City Council’s Green administration to reverse their astronomical parking charges.

Following a move by Brighton & Hove City Council, led by the Green Party, to increase parking charges to £20 for visitors to our iconic city, The Argus has launched a campaign to bring back fair prices. Like the letters page of The Argus, Mike has received a deluge of letters from residents and business owners who are concerned about the damage that the increased charges will have on our local economy.

Commenting, Mike said: “The Argus has again sensibly started a campaign against the latest Green attempt to use Brighton & Hove as a laboratory for their mad-cap experiments. The campaign rightly points out that the ludicrous parking charges will penalise residents and tourists and massively damage local businesses. Once again, these Greens are making us a national laughing stock.”