Traveller Invasion is Completely Unacceptable

Mike has visited terrified residents in Portslade who live next to fields which have been commandeered by travellers over the Jubilee.

Rather than enjoying the Jubilee celebrations, residents have been disturbed throughout the night and during the day by a group of unwelcome travellers. Mike has been contacted by scores of constituents who are angry at the state of affairs, particularly Brighton & Hove City Council’s failure to evict the travellers.

Commenting, Mike said: “It is completely unacceptable that travellers can just rock up and trespass on land like this. Not only are the travellers here without permission, they are making the lives of residents a misery. I have had to go up there by myself to see what is going on. Why is nobody else doing anything?”

Mike added: “The Greens have welcomed travellers with open arms and this is what you end up with – scared, law-abiding residents who understandably want the council on their side. I am doing everything that I can to help my constituents get their field back and will continue to fight to put an end to this sort of anti-social behaviour.”