Council Data Shows that Travellers Don’t Make Full Use of Taxpayers’ Site

Mike recently contacted Brighton & Hove City Council requesting a breakdown of the usage of the Horsdean Traveller Site.

The response from the council shows that despite Horsdean having 23 pitches, officials were only able to confirm a handful of weeks of full occupancy over the past year. Mike has pledged to help residents fight the Greens’ plans for a static site when the Green Administration submits its application to the South Downs National Park Authority.

Commenting, Mike said: “Residents are repeatedly told that the city needs more taxpayer funded accommodation for travellers, yet proof is in the pudding. It is patently clearly that despite pitches being available over the past year, travellers have still chosen to invade public spaces at no cost to them and without consequence.”

Mike added, “I have pledged to help residents across the city fight the Greens’ application to the South Downs National Park Authority and will shortly start an e-petition following the success of a paper petition which is to be submitted shortly at Full Council.”