Mike Uncovers More Toxic Green Waste

Mike Weatherley, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Hove and Portslade, has uncovered that the Green administration has deliberately chosen not to use expensive, taxpayer-funded, CCTV equipment that was purchased to catch fly-tippers and travellers leaving rubbish across Brighton & Hove.

Following his investigation, Mike can reveal that Brighton & Hove City Council spent over Ł5,500 on park-protection cameras in May 2011, but has not used them once in the last 12 months. The circumstances under which the cameras are to be used are so extreme that the Green councillors just keep them locked away in a box, stored away in case a decision is ever made to clean up Brighton & Hove.

Commenting, Mike said: “Our parks are regularly used as dumping grounds and we have dedicated park-protection cameras to put a stop to it. Not only that, the taxpayer paid for these cameras and they are just sitting there, unused. I’ve asked the Greens to unpack them from their boxes and actually use them. Do they think that the public will object to the people who trash our parks being held to account?”

A Brighton & Hove City Council official said: “As the council has a policy that covert surveillance is only used as a last resort and only for hazardous and dangerous fly tipping of waste there have been no incidents that have required consideration and request for this equipment to be used.”