Gove Backs Hove in House Of Commons

Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State for Education, has stated in the House of Commons that he plans to visit the new Hove-based bilingual Free School in its temporary home in Falmer shortly. The move has been backed by the Member of Paliament for Hove, Mike Weatherley.

The Brighton & Hove Bilingual Primary School is the first Free School of its kind in the country. Having opened its doors to pupils in September, Michael Gove has now pledged to visit later in the year.

The Secretary of State made his comments in an important debate on exam reform, where he said: “I’m also hoping to, later this year, visit the first new bilingual primary free school in Hove. The growth of language teaching as an integral part of an all round academic education is central what this Coalition Government wishes to achieve. It’s an area where we diverge from the last government. Vive la difference!”

Commenting, Mike said: “I discussed this idea with Michael two days ago and now it’s a reality. The Bilingual Primary School, which has been backed by my colleague Cllr Andrew Wealls, is a pioneering project and it is really encouraging that the Secretary of State for Education is taking the time to come and see it for himself. I know that he will go away impressed by the amazing achievement, which can be solely attributed to a lot of hard work and determination from the school’s founders.”