Mike Congratulates Hangleton & Knoll Project’s Big Society Award Win

Mike Weatherley, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Hove and Portslade, is meeting with the Prime Minister and representatives of the Hangleton & Knoll Project at a Big Society Award reception at Downing Street today.

Mike has been invited to a special reception hosted by the Prime Minister to meet with local winners of the Big Society Awards. The Hangleton & Knoll Project, which is run by residents who come together to help their neighbours take action on whatever matters to them, has been supporting local residents for almost 30 years. For more information on the award, click here.

Commenting, the Prime Minister said: “This is a project that is working with the community, for the community and that is exactly what the Big Society is all about. The work of the Hangleton & Knoll Project is empowering local people to take action and make a real difference to their lives.

He added: “Whether it’s boosting IT skills, giving young people a voice or looking after vulnerable groups, the Hangleton & Knoll Project continues to play an important role in the community and I congratulate them on their success.”

Commenting, Mike said: “The drive and dedication of all of those involved with the Hangleton & Knoll Project is extraordinary. I am absolutely delighted that the hard work of this successful project has been recognised by the Big Society Awards and look forward to discussing the important community work with representatives from the Hangleton & Knoll Project and the Prime Minister.“

Accepting the award, Jo Martindale, CEO of the Hangleton and Knoll Project said: “This award is a fantastic recognition of the contributions of decades of volunteers and community activists in Hangleton and Knoll. We are very proud of our record in creating a better and more inclusive neighbourhood for all our residents to enjoy.”