Legislation Needed to Combat Ticket Touts

Following the huge rise in music tickets sold by ticket touts, Mike Weatherley, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Hove and Portslade, is calling for the Government to intervene in order to protect music fans.

Mike has a keen interest in the promotion of live music and believes that the free market falls down when it comes to secondary ticketing, given the restriction of supply. In a debate in Parliament, Mike highlighted how ticket touts who take advantage of that market imperfection do nothing to add to our creative industries in terms of revenue and profits to those putting on the shows.

With regard to profits, Mike has highlighted that they are being driven into the hands of those who have done nothing to nurture and develop the product and how fundamentally a performance belongs to an artist, and that the artist has the right to be in control of the terms of that performance. One recent example of Government intervention was the 2012 Olympic Games where it was against the law to sell on tickets.

Commenting, Mike said: “Secondary ticketing takes place on an industrial scale and unfortunately music fans are the losers. While many venues and promoters have attempted to restrict how tickets are passed on, they cannot address the issue alone, which is why a number of my colleagues and I are calling on the Government to step in.”