Mike Urges Caution Over Tourism Tax

Mike Weatherley, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Hove and Portslade, has labelled a tourist tax unworkable and damaging, after Labour MP Sadiq Khan, proposed the idea.

Brighton & Hove relies heavily on the revenue that it receives from the tourist trade and the jobs that are directly and indirectly supported by this important industry. While many countries levy a tax on overnight stays in order to raise revenue, this does not currently happen in the UK. However, Labour politician Sadiq Khan MP recently came out in favour of introducing this tax, initially in London. Mike has asked hundreds of local businesses for their views on the tax and not one has replied in favour.

Commenting, Mike said: “A tourist tax implemented in a piecemeal fashion is totally unworkable. Even worse, it could be potentially very damaging to Brighton & Hove’s booming tourism industry. A huge number of local jobs rely on our tourism industry and costs are already high for people choosing to holiday in Britain. Labour needs to learn that taxing people, particular tourists who can simply opt to go elsewhere, is not a good way boost revenue.”