Mike Calls on ISPs to Stop Hiding Behind EU Directive and Assist More in Fight Against Piracy

Mike Weatherley, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Hove and Portslade, and former Intellectual Property Adviser to the Prime Minister, has today published a discussion paper on an EU directive which looks at safe harbour provisions – allowing providers of certain online services in certain circumstances to be exempt from liability for illegal activity which takes place on their service – in the UK and the rest of the EU.

The discussion paper, entitled ‘Safe Harbour Provisions and Online Service Providers’, looks at the background of safe harbour provisions, their perception from various sectors and whether or not the provisions are working for online service providers, rights holders and the individual consumer alike. The relevant Directive is 2000/31/ED. To read the discussion paper in full, click here.

As the Intellectual Property Adviser to the Prime Minister, Mike authored three key IP reports, Search Engines and Piracy, Follow the Money, Education and IP Awareness.

Commenting, Mike said: “As the former Intellectual Property Adviser to the Prime Minister, I felt that it was important to continue to highlight the issues that have grave consequences for our fantastic creative industries.”

Mike added: “The creative industries are huge contributors to our economy so it vital, in order to protect them, that the regulations which were set out in 2000, are updated. The broad scope of the directive results in rights holders losing out to pirates on an industrial scale.”