Below are the most recent Early Day Motions that Mike has signed. For all the Early Day Motions that he has signed since being elected, click here.

VAT On Women's Sanitary Products

24th March 2015

Mike Weatherley has signed EDM866. Motion reads: "That this House is concerned about the level of Value Added Tax (VAT) levied on women's sanitary products, such as tampons and sanitary towels; notes that, whilst female sanitary products are subject to a five per cent rate of VAT, shaving razors are subject to a zero per cent rate, as are other essential items such as food and children's clothing; believes that sanitary products are also essential and should be subject to the zero per cent rate of VAT; further notes Treasury estimates that VAT on these products raises just £15 million in revenue per year; acknowledges that the setting of VAT rates is a matter for the EU; and calls on the Chancellor to urge the European Commission to bring forward a proposal to remove VAT from women's sanitary products as part of measures in the 2015 Budget."

Oesophageal Cancer Westminster Campaign

4th March 2015

Mike Weatherley has signed EDM623. Motion reads: "That this House notes that the UK has the highest incidence of oesophageal adenocarcinoma in the world and that incidence is rising; further notes that there are over 8,000 people diagnosed with oesophageal cancer every year in the UK; acknowledges that the survival rate for oesophageal cancer is one of the worst of any cancer, with only 15 per cent survival after five years; further notes that diagnosis for the condition Barrett's oesophagus which can lead to oesophageal cancer is low and that public awareness of the significance of persistent heartburn as a risk factor is very low; welcomes the work of the Oesophageal Cancer Westminster Campaign, a campaign group of patient groups, clinical experts, industry and bereaved families; further welcomes the national Be Clear on Cancer campaign on oesophageal cancer; and calls for the Government and the Department of Health to regard the diagnosis and treatment of Barrett's oesophagus and oesophageal cancer as a national priority to save lives."

National Defence Medal

25th February 2015

Mike Weatherley has signed EDM641. Motion reads: "That this House notes the significant personal sacrifice armed forces personnel make in their service to the nation once they take the oath or affirmation of allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen; acknowledges that ex-service personnel are proud to receive and wear Her Majesty's Veterans Badge, but notes that it is not awarded posthumously and it is considered by many to be insufficient recognition of the contribution veterans have made to the safety of the nation since the end of the Second World War; and therefore calls on the Government to rescind its decision not to recognise the veterans more appropriately by the award of a national defence medal and instead to establish a working group to work with the Committee on the Grant of Honours, Decorations and Medals with a view to implementing a national defence medal as soon as possible."

International Students And Net Migration Targets

27th January 2015

Mike Weatherley has signed EDM739. Motion reads: "That this House recognises the enormous cultural, academic and economic contribution that international students studying at UK universities make to the country; is concerned at the dramatic drop in students enrolling to study at UK universities from some of the UK's major international trading partners; believes that the public does not generally view international students to be migrants and does not wish to see their number reduced; and urges the Government to exclude university students from efforts to bear down on immigration including by removing university students from any target to reduce net migration."

Beer Duty Budget 2015

7th January 2015

Mike Weatherley has signed EDM625. Motion reads: "That this House welcomes the ending of the beer duty escalator and the positive impact of two successive beer duty cuts in the 2013 and 2014 Budgets in supporting the growth of Britain's breweries and underpinning confidence in the UK's pubs; notes that beer duty is now 13 per cent lower than under the tax rises previously planned, a tax reduction that has been popular with pubgoers, leading to an additional 16,000 jobs and in the first six months following the Budget an extra £44 million in investment; and urges the Government to consider a further cut in beer duty in the 2015 Budget which would secure pub jobs, help keep pub pints affordable and support Britain's much-loved pubs."

Humanist Marriages

5th December 2014

Mike Weatherley has signed EDM590. Motion reads: "That this House supports humanists and their right to a legal marriage ceremony which reflects their beliefs and is performed by someone who shares them; urges the Government to lay down regulations for legislation of humanist marriage in a timely manner; notes that this would be a modest reform in line with existing marriage laws for Jews and Quakers and not a fundamental change; recalls the Government's pledge to support strong and stable families and its support for the institution of marriage; believes humanist marriage would greatly strengthen families in England and Wales by allowing couples to start their lives together in a deeply meaningful and personal ceremony; further notes the experience of humanist marriage in Scotland where its introduction led to a net increase in marriage in the context of a general decline; and encourages the Government to support humanists' rights to have independent legal wedding ceremonies outside registry offices like those allowed for persons of religious belief."

For Our Daughters Campaign

24th November 2014

Mike Weatherley has seconded EDM543. Motion reads: "That this House notes that For Our Daughters, a national charity which campaigns against sexist violence and homicide and commemorates those who have died, reports that at least three to four women and girls die each week in the UK as a result of all forms of male violence; further notes that the annual death rate is worse than in the Northern Ireland conflict and exceeds annual troop losses in Iraq and Afghanistan; further notes that the gender-neutral and compartmentalised way in which government statistics have for years been collated and presented seriously obscures the extent to which females are subjected to sexist violence; believes that urgent action is needed to tackle homicide and life-threatening assaults against women and girls; therefore calls on the Government to develop the UK-wide strategy to end violence against women and girls so that it challenges the sexism and attitudes of contempt which foster it, to bolster cross-party and inter-departmental structures to progress this work, including requiring the Prime Minister and Home Secretary to report regularly to Parliament and to set clear time-limited targets to reduce and then end domestic and sexual homicides; and further calls on the Government to require all police, health and social services to record, monitor and publish gender-specific data about violent crime, in particular homicide and assaults in which there is potential threat to life, and designate domestic and sexual violence as a sixth National Policing Priority, thus ensuring that intelligence and resources can be shared."

Children And The Countryside

2nd September 2014

Mike Weatherley has signed EDM251. Motion reads: "That this House is deeply concerned that over 35 per cent of children have never visited the countryside and that a child's chance of visiting the countryside has halved in a generation, with children from disadvantaged backgrounds being particularly badly affected; recognises that children who spend time in natural environments obtain better health and educational outcomes, performing better in reading, mathematics, science and social studies; and congratulates the hon. Members who are leading the John Clare Trust's 150 Poems challenge, which will raise vital funding to enable more schools to participate in opening up the woodlands, forests and meadows of our beautiful countryside to many more children."

Demolition And Change Of Use Of Pub Buildings

1st September 2014

Mike Weatherley has signed EDM208. Motion reads: "That this House believes that permitted development rights are leaving pubs in England vulnerable to demolition or conversion to a range of retail uses without planning permission; further believes, in light of evidence from the Campaign for Real Ale, that two pubs a week are converted to supermarkets, and that these planning loopholes are contributing to the loss of valued community amenities; is concerned that local people are being denied a say in the future of their neighbourhoods; and so urges the Government to bring forward amendments to the General Permitted Development Order 1995 so that any demolition or change of use involving the loss of a pub would require planning permission."

Closed Circuit Television In UK Slaughterhouses

1st September 2014

Mike Weatherley has signed EDM177. Motion reads: "That this House calls on the Government to bring forward legislative proposals for the mandatory installation of closed circuit television (CCTV) in UK slaughterhouses; notes that a 2014 YouGov poll found that, of those who expressed a view, 87 per cent support mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses; expresses concern that eight of the nine slaughterhouses secretly filmed by Animal Aid have breached the law, a failure rate of 89 per cent; believes that the introduction of compulsory CCTV in UK slaughterhouses will increase animal protection and allow those caught on film breaking the law to be prosecuted; furthermore thanks the supermarkets for already insisting on CCTV in their slaughterhouse suppliers and welcomes the support of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) for the use of CCTV in slaughterhouses as a useful monitoring tool; further notes that plant operators who operate CCTV are keen to demonstrate to FSA officials the high standard to which their operatives work; and further believes other UK slaughterhouses should follow this best practice to maintain the UK's position as a world leader on animal welfare standards."