Brighton & Hove City Council

Brighton & Hove City Council is responsible for a number of local issues. These include:

Parking, Planning, Social Services, Environmental Health, Noise Nuisance, Council Tax and Housing Benefit. Initial queries should be directed to the appropriate Council department (Switchboard ‘ 01273 290000) or to your Councillors.


If you have a problem with benefits or the Child Support Agency, it is wise to seek expert advice before contacting your MP. In the first instance, try the Citizens Advice Bureau, or another advice agency. It is normally helpful if you have your National Insurance number to hand when making an enquiry.


Schools in Hove and Portslade fall within the remit to of the Council , so it is best to initially contact Brighton & Hove City Council, or your Councillors.


Problems to do with working conditions, Health & Safety, dismissal, redundancy etc, are really a matter for your Trade Union. If you are not a member of a Trade Union, you can find out about your employment rights from agencies such as the Citizens Advice Bureau.


In general, any immigration matter needs expert advice before any involvement by the MP. Brighton Housing Trust (BHT) also offer free immigration legal advice service. For more information, please click here.


If you have a complaint against a particular hospital, there is a complaints procedure available from Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust. If your complaint does not concerning a particular hospital, you may wish to contact Brighton & Hove Clinical Commissioning Group.


If you are a Council tenant, queries about housing should be directed to Brighton & Hove City Council, or your Councillors.

Legal Matters

Legal matters, for example disputes with firms or individuals, criminal cases, domestic law, complaints against the police, are not usually matters for an MP. It is important to seek special legal advice in these cases. The ‘Community Legal Advice‘ service is useful resource.